Why we need a MTB

Why we need a MTB

All that extra power means that mild or uphill trails quickly becomes a fast and furious test of skills. Instead of huffing, puffing and dripping with sweat, you'll now be going fast enough to have to spot berms and catch drifts even on uphill trails.
eMTBs not only have a throttle, they also add additional power as you pedal up to a maximum speed of 25 km/h (in Europe). Modern eMTBs mostly use the same components as regular bikes, and most modern motors (see our motor group test) offer resistance free pedaling above the 25 km/h motor cut off. Currently there are three main categories of eMTBs. Power eMTBs that boast huge torque and power. The SUVs of the biking world, Power eMTBs are heavy and clumsy off road but will push you up any hill without complaining. Then we have All-round eMTBs which still offer ample power packaged in a lighter 20–25 kg bike that offers balanced performance up- and downhill. Most mountain bikers will most enjoy the new Light eMTB category, which offers non-motorised bike handling and agility, made possible with a smaller battery and lower levels of assistance. All-round eMTBs are perfect for riders wanting to enjoy long rides and take on challenging uphills, while Light eMTBs are better suited to riders who prioritise the downhill and want to ride with people who don’t own eMTBs. All categories of eMTB offer enough range to accommodate the general riding (think 2 hour rides) that we enjoy.

An eMTB is suitable for the person:

1)Who are buying a second bike.

There is a saying in the bike world that the perfect number of bikes is N+1, where N is the number of bikes that you currently own. If you are lucky enough to have enough expendable cash to invest in an additional bike, then buy an eMTB.

2)Who want to ride more.

It’s a fact. An eMTB makes riding more accessible. With an eMTB your ride frequency and distances will increase. An eMTB will open up new routes, help you explore new trails and also act as a motivation boost. If you’re tired after a long day at work, it’s easier to get out of the house knowing that the motor will help you up the climbs.

3)Who want a multipurpose tool

Aside from being really good fun, you will also find you use the eMTB for commuting, as a family tool, as an SUV and will ride more frequently when the weather isn’t as great. Having a motor opens up limitless new potential that non-motorised bikes can’t equal.