Less Petrol, More Ebike

Less Petrol, More Ebike

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With the seemingly ever-rising prices of gasoline due to market conditions and world events, engine fuel consumption is a concern for most drivers on the road these days.Because the price at the pump is affecting more people every day, many are looking for ways to cut consumption and costs. Electric bikes are nothing more than a good choice.




One of the most common recommendations you’ll discover when searching for the best sustainable tips is exploring alternative methods of transportation. Whether that’s walking or taking public transport to your destination instead of driving your car, if within reason. For shorter destinations, walking is both great for your health and a way to get active, while taking public transportation for further destinations is one way to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Even if that means you replace just one vehicle trip once a week, or every other week, with an alternative transport method!


Riding an electric bike is also another great solution if your destination is too far to walk to or is inaccessible by public transport. Electric bikes give you the freedom to go virtually anywhere a normal car would, without the hassle of sitting in traffic, paying for gas, and worrying about where to park. Not to mention, the extra pedal assist and throttle features on Rattan ebikes make arriving at your destination a literal breeze! Rattan’s fleet of products means there’s an electric bike for everyone and every need, whether you’re an urban city rider looking to efficiently run errands or a rugged soul craving a backyard adventure. A great sustainability tip is replacing one errand run per week in your car on an ebike instead!



Moving onto our last sustainability tip, energy usage has a direct correlation to emissions produced; So, consuming less energy on a day-to-day basis means you’ll be helping reduce carbon emissions! There are any number of small, sustainable changes you can make to save energy, whether you’re looking to be more energy-conscious at home or at work.


One of the quickest ways to start being more sustainable is to unplug or switch off unused or standby appliances. While most appliance plugs can be removed without resetting their programming, you may want to consult with the manufacturer for any appliances you’re unsure about. While on the topic of turning off appliances, remembering to always turn off all lights is an easy sustainability tip! Whenever an appliance, electronic, or item in the like in your home or office is not in use, the golden rule of thumb is to discharge once charging is complete (if applicable) and always turn them off! The same applies to your Rattan ebike; Our lightning-fast chargers fully charge our ebikes in little to no time to get you back to your riding. The moment your ebike has completed charging, always remember to unplug the charger. You’ll preserve your battery, save money, conserve energy, and reduce emissions all the while discovering how to be more sustainable.