Rattan Techniques

Brushless Gear Hub Motor
Powerful Peak 1200W MOTOR
The powerful 750W brushless hub motor is engineered to deliver massive torque and excellent performance. Whether riding at steep hills or cruising at high speeds, this motor ensures smooth acceleration and a responsive ride.
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40AH 1920Wh SamSung Cells
Having a battery that is larger than the competitor means, that you have more power available and are able to travel further on each charge. Not mention that dual battery availability can make it double. The biggest letdown during a ride is being suddenly notified of running out of power just when you're enjoying yourself. Riding with two batteries maximizes your riding pleasure, allowing you to explore even more.
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Alluminum alloy strong frame
hydroforming technique
Hydroforming is the production method used in the automotive and aerospace industries and is an innovative process in which metal is formed into complex shapes that would be impossible with traditional forming techniques using pressurized water. It also reduces the weight of the frame, making it easier for the rider to maneuver and handle.
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Shock Absorber
hydraulic suspension fork
Having a lockout function allows the rider to fine-tune their fork to match the terrain they’re riding in, either stiffening it or making it more fluid to better absorb bumps as needed. 80mm fork increases range than 60mm fork, giving the rider more room to travel to absorb bumps before "bottoming out."
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Hydraulic disc brakes + brake power off
Putting customers' safety first, power off within 1 Second. It is equipped with a special porous disc brake cooling system and E-ABS power-off braking system, which can achieve efficient braking and quick response, shorten the braking distance, and make riding safe and reliable.
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Torque Sensor
A torque sensor enhances both performance and the riding quality. It measures the force applied to the pedals in real-time, allowing for a smoother and more responsive power delivery from the motor. It also strengthen energy efficiency, as the motor provides power based on actual pedaling effort, thereby extending battery life and increasing the bike's range.
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USB Chargeing & APP Sync
No worries about your phone is gonna die before the bike has no power anymore. You can charge you phone as long as you are with Rattan ebike. The APP sync function will always keep you clear about all your riding status and offer you an easier control on operating the bike.
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Grain stripe design fat tire
20*4 inch all-terrain
The tire is made of rubber composite material, which has good shock absorption and road adaptability. It has an external 10MM thick rubber outer tire + tough thermal conductive protection inner tube, which has explosion-proof function.
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Free Shipping & Tax
No worry about the shipping and tax, there would be none. What you see is the final price.
2-Year Warranty
We offer 2-year coverage for the bike, you can rest your peace and enjoy a long time warranty.
We accept free return for quality issues within 15 days after you receive the bike.