How to maintain ebike battery in winter

How to maintain ebike battery in winter

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People love to ride their e-bikes to go outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery even in winter. So it is vital to learn how to maintain the battery in cold days. Most e-bike batteries make from lithium-ion that is very sensitive to extreme weather. The terrible temperature will not only reduce its riding range by as much as 25% but also deteriorate its life span. 


Tips for E-Bike Battery charge in winter

you must preserve the battery in dry condition, especially when you want to charge it. In winter, the snow melting becomes a pond of water, and it makes the battery wet. Despite the waterproof rating of the Rattan electric bike is IP 60 which means it can resist most of the rainy weather and humid environment, but if the charging port is wet, it will be dangerous when you charge the battery since it may cause a fire, or even worse, cause an explosion. Therefore, please dry your battery before charging it.

Concerning the precautions of charging the battery in winter, first, please do not expose your battery to direct heat. Some users may think that waiting for the cold battery to warm is wasting lots of time. They try to warm the battery by placing it around the fireplaces or heaters. These behaviors are dangerous because direct heat can cause a fire or explosion. Also, if the electric bike battery is exposed to temperatures more than 90 Fahrenheit, its functionality will be destroyed. Second, do not charge the battery over 12 hours, and do not leave when you charge the battery in your rooms. It is wise to install a working smoke alarm and a fire extinguisher. And it will be better if you buy fire-resistant bags to put your battery to avoid fire risk. For the frequency to charge to the battery, firstly, if you frequently use the electric bike, you do not have to charge up to 100% for every time. Charging it within 30% to 80% is recommended for these ranges can extend the lifespan. If you need to ride it long distances, you charge it up to 80% level. While if you use it in a short distance, more than 30% charge level is appropriate. Secondly, if you will not use the e-bike for more than half a month, you should charge the battery within 30% to 60%. The battery in full capacity will deteriorate the battery itself and decrease the range over time. Thirdly, if you leave your electric bike away for a long time, like a whole winter. You should store the bike in a dry and clean environment and keep the battery between 50% to 80%. It is advisable if you can charge the battery once a month. For the Rattan users, our battery experts suggest an easier operation if you will not use the e-bike for a long time. Our customers only need to charge the battery to 48 Voltage. At that time, the battery indicator shows the state of one less grid of electricity. Then you turn off the electric power and store the bike in a dry and clean place. And you recharge the battery every three month.


Storing the Batteries

 In cold winter, the temperature outside is typically low. If you leave your bikes outside, you will soon find out that the working capacity of the e-bike becomes worse while the battery works poorly. It is advisable to keep the battery indoors with a temperature between 14℉ to 104℉ or 10℃ to 40℃, such as your house, garage, basement. Some e-bike batteries are removable. For example, all of the e-bike batteries of Rattan are easy to detach. Therefore, the users of Rattan electric bikes only need to bring the battery inside and leave other parts of the bike staying outside, which saves lots of man effort and space. Also, please do not charge the battery immediately as soon as you bring it into the room. It is necessary to wait for around two hours to charge the battery when it is at room temperature.