Ebike Classes

Ebike Classes

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What are ebike class?

As of 2020, the ebike industry and more than half of US states have coalesced around a common (though broad) system of three classes: Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3. Yet even today, interpretations of these classes differ slightly across retailers and manufacturers' websites. Your best approach? Check your local laws for ebike compliance if you're concerned. You're unlikely to get pulled over for going 22 miles per hour in a bike lane or for using an ebike in the wrong lane (especially if it looks like a regular bike). But it's better to be sure than to have no defense if you do get pulled over.



E-Bike Class 1

The class 1 e-bike is a pedal-assisted bike. The bike's motor will support you till 20 mph. Then, the motor will automatically cut its power. A pedal-assisted e-bike means you have to pedal your bike to activate the motor. The throttle won't work separately.

E-Bike Class 2

A class 2 e-bike is a throttle-assisted bike. But, the throttle will support only 20 mph top speed. A class 2 e-bike has a separate throttle control. So, you don't have to pedal your bike to activate the motor. Just twist the throttle and your e-bike will run fully on the motor.

E-Bike Class 3 

Class 3 e-bikes can be called really speedy. These bikes can reach 28 mph speed. But, it's a pedal-assisted bike. Therefore, to activate the throttle, you have to pedal your bike.



Why We Choose Class 2 E-Bikes

1) Fewer Law Restrictions

Class 2 e-bikes can go on trails or lanes. This e-bike falls into the category of ordinary bikes. So, it won't face strict law restrictions.


2) Fully Throttle-Assisted

Throttle-assisted bikes are so easy to drive. You don't have to pedal and you can ride on inclined areas. Apart from that, a throttle-assisted bike can help you to carry heavy things.


3) Safe Speed Limit

The speed limit of the class 2 e-bike is only 20 mph. As a result, you can drive this bike safely. You can also use the speed limiter option to control its speed.


4) Enjoy A Complete E-Bike Ride

An e-bike means driving on the ability of a powerful motor. A class 2 e-bike gives you every opportunity to enjoy an e-bike. So, to ride an e-bike in real way, you should choose a class 2 e-bike.


Some states demand licenses and some states have age restrictions. Please carefully choose your ebike fallen into the state law.