E-bikes have been around for over a hundred years. But the popularity of e-bikes has soared recently. Thanks to a confluence of factors such as concern for the environment, social distancing requirements from the recent pandemic, and demand for a cheaper and easier way to get around, e-bikes have exploded onto the scene. This explosion of demand has tested the e-bike market’s ability to deliver bikes at a pace to keep up with exciting riders.


1.E-bikes are Good for Budgets

With gasoline still stuck at stubbornly record high prices, cost-conscious consumers of all ages are turning towards electric options for getting around town. Once thought of as too expensive or too specific, the best electric bikes have improved greatly over the last few years due to advancements in manufacturing and technology. These changes have made it easier to produce e-bikes that people want at a price they can afford.  The e-bike market is growing at about 10% per year for good reason – it’s affordable!


The e-bike represents the most comfortable and versatile option while remaining at a reasonable price.Saving money has never felt so good. Commuting in the fresh air, for pennies on the dollar of a traditional car, all while getting exercise is truly a great feeling. Even if you can only commute a few times a week or only during the summer months, it is guaranteed you will save money overall. The money you save on gas may even make up for the entire purchase price of the electric bicycle itself. You may even find yourself earning extra money with an e-bike.


2.E-bikes are Good for Traffic

Especially when one considers that most car trips are made with only the driver, the size, and power of the entire car are often unnecessary. Drivers take heavy tolls on roadways and bridges, and the wasted time spent sitting in traffic is reason enough that people are switching to the convenient e-bike. Running errands feels great when you are zooming past cars stuck in a long line while you have an open bike lane in which to cruise. As cities become more crowded post-pandemic, traffic is only increasing, and cities aren’t able to easily expand the roads.Not only do e-bikes contribute to lower levels of emissions, but they also contribute to less noise pollution than a car, moped, or motorcycle.



E-bikes are Good for Sustainability

Care for the environment is chief among concerns for all age brackets, but especially Millennials and Gen Z. As these groups enter their prime earnings years, they tend to vote for their values with their money. By purchasing products and services from companies that are good for the environment, they can ensure a healthy planet Earth is around for many generations to come.


Thanks to long-lasting and high-efficiency lithium-ion batteries, like the ones found in Rattan’s LM/LF series, carbon emissions are drastically reduced, even after accounting for the energy required to generate the electricity used to charge the battery. The energy required is orders of magnitude less than traditional transportation. Most trips in a car are made only to nearby locations, often less than seven miles away. This doesn’t give the engine much time to warm up, and thus it uses more energy. By switching short nearby trips to an e-bike, you can save the planet from much harmful waste.



E-bikes are Good for Social Distancing

With many concerned citizens around the globe warier than ever about the risk of airborne illnesses, it comes as no surprise that the recent uptick in e-bike popularity also stems from the excellent social distancing inherent in their application. Buses and trains are crowded and filled with germs and disease. The fresh air of the bike lane beckons anyone who has had to rely on public transit to travel. There are many advantages of the e-bike during Covid-19.

The electric bike market is booming for a whole host of reasons. Whether it is people of all ages looking for an eco-friendly transportation option, looking to save a few dollars each day on their commute, more riders than ever are turning to electric bikes for sale. Rattan Long-range e-bikes like the LM/LF series are ready for the market’s challenges.