If you’re tired of carrying such heavy weight on your back as your cycle, perhaps to and from work or after going shopping, then a bike basket might be the perfect answer to easing that load.
There’s plenty of range too; whether it’s something cheap, something compact, or simply something to keep the dog safe in while cycling, there’s a bike basket for everyone.

Benefits of Bicycle Baskets

Quite simply, they make life easier. Instead of lugging things around in a bag or backpack, they take the weight off you and onto a bike basket, whose extra weight you’ll barely notice.
They offer easier access to your belongings. Again, with your possessions in a bag or backpack, you may have to stop cycling if you need to get your wallet or water bottle, for example, out of it. At least with a front basket, that problem is eliminated, so you won’t have to slow down (or not too much, anyway).
Most are incredibly easy to install, too. Simply attach using straps or hooks to your bike frame for front baskets, or a luggage carrier or rack on your rear wheel, and you’re good to go.

Front Basket or Rear Basket

Front Bike Basket
  • More suitable for storing more essential items or belongings that are greater in quantity, but lighter in weight
  • Can slightly impair your view or steering at times
  • Use straps or hooks to attach to handlebars More accessibility – easier to access possessions placed in basket
  • Usually made from metal, plastic or composite materials
  • Best bicycle basket for for commuters or grocery shoppers (depending on how much you buy, of course)
Rear Bike Basket
  • Can carry much larger capacities
  • Don’t affect your view or steering while cycling
  • Mount on rear wheel using a luggage carrier or rack
  • Not as quick or easy to access belongings as with front cycling baskets
  • Usually narrower and longer than front baskets
  • Best basket for bike riders transporting weightier goods
Rattan now have both front basket and rear basket available for LM/LF