Rattan VS Other Brands, What`s the Difference and How to Choose?

Rattan VS Other Brands, What`s the Difference and How to Choose?

Why We Write This?

As the e-bike market continues to thrive, numerous new brands are sprouting up like mushrooms after rain. With the growing popularity of e-bikes and the increasing number of people joining the e-bike community to protect the environment, there is a significant portion of entry-level riders who are unsure about which brand is suitable for them and how to make informed decisions.

At Rattan, we understand the confusion faced by these consumers. To provide guidance and assist in their purchasing decisions, we have carefully selected several well-known brands and models priced around $1300 for a comprehensive parameter comparison. Our aim is to help riders navigate the options and choose the e-bike that best suits their needs.


Below, we present a comparison of Rattan with other renowned brands in the e-bike market. It's important to note that the data for these comparisons was recorded from browsing respective websites on May 21, 2024. Prices and parameters may vary over time, so please consider this information as a reference only. If you notice any discrepancies or incorrect information, we encourage you to contact our customer service team for timely correction.

The brands included in this comparison are as follows: Radpower Bikes, Heybike, Lectric eBikes, Velotric, Aventon, and Velowave. It's crucial to remember that these comparisons are limited in scope and do not encompass every aspect, such as customer service or offline maintenance.


 Model Comparison:

Rattan RadPower Heybike Lectric Velotric Aventon Velowave

LM / LF 750 PRO

RadExpand™ 5


XP 3.0

Velotric Fold 1


Prado S

Price $899 $1249 $999 $999 $999  $1299 $1099
Warranty 2 Years & 15 Days Free Trial 2 Years 2 Years & 30 Days Free Trial 1 Year 2 Years 2 Years & 14 Days Free Trial 2 Years & 30 Days Free Trial
Motor 750W 750W 750W 500W 750W 500W 750W
Torque 80NM Not Mentioned Not Mentioned 55NM 70NM Not Mentioned 55NM
Battery 13AH 14AH 15AH 10.4AH 12.6AH 14AH 15AH
Range Up To 55 Miles 25-45 Miles Up To 65 Miles 45-65 Miles Up To 55 Miles Up To 55 Miles 25-40 Miles
Top Speed 28 MPH 20 MPH 25 MPH 25 MPH 28 MPH 20 MPH 25 MPH
Sensor Cadence Cadence Cadence Cadence Cadence Torque Cadence
Charging Time 6-7 Hours 7 Hours 7-8 Hours 5-6 Hours 6-7 Hours 4-5 Hours 7-8 Hours
Weight 76 lb 62.5 lb 70.5lb 71 lb 63 lb 68 lb 77.2 lb
Maximum Payload 300 lb 275 lb 330 lb 330 lb 440 lb 300 lb 300 lb
Seat Post Suspension Regular Suspension Suspension Regular Regular Regular
Tires 20*4.0 20*4.0 20*4.0 20*3.0 20*3.0 20*4.0 20*4.0
Wheel Alloy Wheel Spoke Wheel Alloy Wheel Spoke Wheel Spoke Wheel Spoke Wheel Alloy Wheel
Foldable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Derailleur 7-Speed 7-Speed 7-Speed 7-Speed 7-Speed 8-Speed 7-Speed
Backrest & Footrest Yes No No No No No No


How Do I Know Which Bike Is Better For Me?

Determining which e-bike is best for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you're a first-time buyer, you may opt for a lower-priced e-bike with modest performance to familiarize yourself with this mode of transportation. As you gain experience and require higher performance, you can consider investing in a more advanced and expensive e-bike.

Considerations such as battery life, carrying capacity, passenger seating, delivery requirements, maximum speed, and personal preferences should influence your decision. Evaluate the highlights you desire, compare prices and performance, and select the e-bike that aligns with your specific needs.

Our Attitude:

At Rattan, we don't aim to impose our brand on consumers. We understand that individuals make purchasing decisions based on various factors, such as aesthetics, positive customer service experiences, recommendations from friends and colleagues, and more. However, when customers do choose Rattan, we are dedicated to providing exceptional service and meeting their expectations. We value our customers' trust and strive to exceed their satisfaction.

What We Hope:

Above all, Rattan's founder, Erik, envisioned the company making a meaningful contribution to ourselves, those who care about us, and the world as a whole. By reducing emissions and pollution through e-bike usage, we aim to create a better, more sustainable world for future generations. We believe in the power of e-bikes to drive positive change and contribute to a greener planet.



In the dynamic and expanding e-bike market, choosing the right brand and model can be overwhelming, particularly for entry-level riders. Through our parameter comparisons and commitment to exceptional service, Rattan strives to assist consumers in making informed decisions. We invite you to explore the options, compare the details, and join us on the journey towards a more sustainable future. Together, we can make a difference while enjoying the many benefits of e-bike riding.