Rattan Pinus VS RadPower RadExpand™ 5 Plus, Comprehensive Comparison of Folding Electric Bikes

Rattan Pinus VS RadPower RadExpand™ 5 Plus, Comprehensive Comparison of Folding Electric Bikes

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In the past few years, there has been a rising emphasis on sustainable transportation options, leading to the growing popularity of folding electric bikes. These compact and environmentally friendly bicycles have gained significant favor as they offer a stylish and convenient mode of commuting in urban areas. Among the many options available in this dynamic market, Pinus stands out due to its exceptional performance and affordable price, making it a top choice for countless consumers in search of an ideal folding electric bike.

Specification Overview

Rattan Pinus RadPower RadExpand™ 5 Plus
Motor 1300W (peak), 750W (sustained), 48V 750W (sustained), 48V
Torque 80NM 64NM
Battery 48V, 20Ah (960Wh) Samsung Cell, UL 2849 Compliant 48V, 15Ah (720Wh) Samsung / LG Cell, UL 2271
Available For Dual Battery Yes No
Battery Position Inside the frame Outside  the fame
Speed 28 MPH 25 MPH
Range Up to 80 miles Up to 60 miles
Pedal Assist 5 Levels 5 Levels
Brakes Hydraulic Hydraulic
Throttle Thumb press Half twist
Sensor Torque Torque
Gears 8 Speed 7 Speed
Payload Capacity 400 lbs 315 lbs
Suspension Fork Hydraulic Hydraulic
Wheels 20" x 4.0"  20" x 4.0" 
Light Included Included
Price $1,799  $1,899 


Moving forward, we will conduct an extensive comparison of these data points, aiming to provide you with a thorough evaluation of the performance, features, and benefits offered by each bicycle. Each data point will serve as the basis for our meticulous analysis, enabling you to make a well-informed decision. Let's embark on this exploration together and discover the electric bicycle that perfectly aligns with your requirements.

Motor & Battery

When it comes to peak power, Pinus excels with its notably powerful motor, particularly highlighted by its 1300W peak power. Peak power represents the maximum power the motor can deliver in a brief period. In comparison, RadPower RadExpand™ 5 Plus features a 750W motor, indicating a lower performance potential compared to Pinus's 1300W peak power.

The advantage of higher peak power is primarily evident in robust acceleration performance. Increased peak power translates to faster acceleration, enhancing the overall riding experience, especially during starts and uphill climbs. It's important to note that while peak power is a significant indicator of motor performance, real-world riding considerations, such as sustained power, voltage, and other factors, should also be taken into account for a comprehensive evaluation of motor performance.

Pinus also stands out in terms of battery, boasting a significant advantage with its high capacity of 20Ah. In comparison, RadPower RadExpand™ 5 Plus's battery has a capacity of 15Ah. This suggests that, theoretically, Pinus's battery can provide a longer riding range.

Additionally, both RadPower RadExpand™ 5 Plus and Pinus utilize batteries from the reputable brand Samsung, which enhances user trust to a certain extent.

Speed & Range

Pinus boasts a significantly higher speed, reaching 28 MPH, whereas RadPower RadExpand™ 5 Plus has a speed of 25 MPH. It's worth noting that, in accordance with various state regulations, RadPower RadExpand™ 5 Plus's speed of 25 MPH complies with the standards in most states. However, Literider's speed of 28 MPH not only meets the regulations but also provides greater speed flexibility for states with a 28 MPH limit.

This means that Pinus's design takes into account the legal variations among states, offering users a wider range of speed options. Therefore, regardless of the speed regulations in a user's state, Rattan can accommodate compliant riding requirements. Nonetheless, we emphasize the importance of prioritizing safety and encourage users to adhere to local regulations and practice safety measures while riding.

Battery Position

Rattan Pinus Battery is integrated while the RadExpand™ 5 Plus`s is exposed.
With their seamless integration into the frame, they provide a sleek and streamlined appearance while delivering practical benefits. These integrated batteries provide improved protection against weather elements, preserving the battery's performance and extending its lifespan. Additionally, they offer enhanced security as their integrated position makes them more difficult to remove or steal. This feature provides riders with peace of mind, especially in public areas. Moreover, the integration of the battery into the frame improves weight distribution and balance, enhancing the e-bike's handling and stability during rides. In summary, e-bikes with integrated batteries combine aesthetic appeal with weather protection, enhanced security, and improved weight distribution, making them an attractive choice for riders seeking a seamless and hassle-free e-bike experience while enjoying the practical benefits that integrated batteries provide.

Weight & Payload Capacity

Pinus and RadExpand™ 5 Plus exhibit differences in weight and payload capacity. With a weight of 94 lbs, Pinus is heavier compared to the comparatively lighter RadExpand™ 5 Plus at 73 lbs. However, when it comes to payload capacity, Literider outshines with a higher capacity of supporting loads up to 400 lbs, while RadExpand™ 5 Plus has a payload capacity of 315 lbs. These variations in weight and payload capacity may stem from differences in construction and design between the two electric bikes. Therefore, users should consider their specific usage requirements and load demands in order to make an informed decision.



When it comes to pricing, Pinus is available at a competitive price of $1799, while RadExpand™ 5 Plus is priced slightly higher at $1899. Despite its affordable price, Pinus doesn't compromise on performance. It offers exceptional performance without putting a strain on your budget. With its combination of impressive performance and affordability, Pinus is an ideal choice for riders who seek high performance without breaking the bank.


Considering factors such as price, performance, and practicality, Pinus stands out as a standout performer in the folding electric bike market. Its combination of robust performance and affordability makes it the preferred option for an increasing number of individuals seeking a high-performance and cost-effective mode of transportation. When it comes to choosing a folding electric bike, Pinus excels in delivering an exceptional riding experience, solidifying its position as a top choice for cyclists.