Rattan Pathfinder ST Fat Tire E-Bike Review----Geeky Gadgets

Rattan Pathfinder ST Fat Tire E-Bike Review----Geeky Gadgets

As we all know e-bikes offer a convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional modes of transportation, while also offering health benefits and increasing the convenience of cycling, and have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their many advantages.

Rattan is a company with more than 10 years of bicycle manufacturing technology and experience. They have been working on all kinds of new electric bikes and have worked on more than 15 types of electric bikes. More models and techniques are currently being explored. The performance of electric bicycles is continuously improved and upgraded every year.

Now comes the latest series of Pathfinder ST models, which are not only uniquely designed, beautiful, and colorful, but also upgraded in performance.It is an exceptional electric bike designed to elevate your urban commuting experience. With its cutting-edge features and outstanding performance, the Pathfinder sets a new standard for e-bikes in the market. It does not have limited road conditions like the folding bike series, it is more suitable for long-distance and difficult terrain road conditions, allowing the audience who love to explore and adventure to have a wonderful riding trip. Remember to read the Pathfinder ST electric bike review in its entirety. In this review, I will introduce the main features of Rattan Pathfinder ST.

Why Choose Pathfinder ST Electric Bike?

The Pathfinder ST is currently available in two colors, red and white. ST stands for “step through”. It not only has a unique design and beautiful colors in appearance but also upgrades in performance are also loved by everyone. It has a powerful battery with a cruising range of up to 65km; payload capacity: of 400 lbs; 750w 48V brushless rear hub motor, 1200W (peak) 750W (rated), easy to ride an electric bike. The weight of the Pathfinder ST is 74 lbs and the top speed is 28 mph; the remote locking suspension fork with adjustment function is convenient and safe; high-quality tires and so.

Rattan Pathfinder ST

Pathfinder ST is an innovative product that offers a range of benefits to the outdoor enthusiast. Whether you’re hiking, camping or just exploring the great outdoors, the Pathfinder ST can make your experience easier and more enjoyable. It is suitable for a series of all-terrain road conditions such as road, off-road, jungle, mountain, beach, and seaside. The combination of a comfortable seat and thumb-press gas and pedal assist enhances the overall riding experience while riding. Riders can enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride while easily adjusting speed as needed. This intuitive control mechanism enhances the joy of riding, making it an enjoyable and convenient mode of transportation. Its durable construction ensures longevity and reliability, making it a dependable companion for years to come.


Top-Line Features of Pathfinder ST Electric Bike

(1) Powerful and Efficient Motor

At the heart of the Pathfinder ST is its powerful 750w 48V brushless rear hub motor, 1200W (peak) 750W (rated). The top speed is 28 mph. Ride effortlessly with seamless pedal assist for faster acceleration and effortless climbs. It’s ideal for city dwellers who want to navigate busy streets and get to their destinations quickly and stylishly.

Rattan Pathfinder ST

(2) Portability and Removable Battery

The battery of this ebike is a built-in battery, which has a stylish, simple, and tamper-proof design as well as convenience and detachability. It is a 48v 15AH semi-integrated battery, easy to ride, and the cruising range can reach up to 65 miles. Ideal for cycling enthusiasts who love outdoor adventures, camping, and more over long distances or difficult terrain. The battery enables electric assist, allowing the rider to tackle hills, headwinds or challenging terrain with ease. When the rider pedals, the battery activates the electric motor, providing extra propulsion for a smoother, more enjoyable ride.

Rattan Pathfinder ST

(3) LCD Display

LCD color display with wireless mobile connection and APP synchronization. Clearly display speed, power, mileage, etc. Bring a good riding experience to cyclists, record your own riding data, control power consumption, and avoid unnecessary dangers.

Rattan Pathfinder ST

(4) Headlight

It boasts a large headlight that significantly improves visibility, especially in low-light conditions or at night. They illuminate the road ahead, making it easier for the rider to see potential obstacles, road signs, and other vehicles. Improved visibility helps ensure a safer riding experience. Automatic integrated headlights and integrated taillights with brake light indicator function. Can make cyclists more visible to other road users such as motorists and pedestrians. They act as visual signals, alerting others of the e-bike’s presence and reducing the risk of accidents or collisions.

Rattan Pathfinder ST

(5) Beautiful Color and Durable Frame Design

First of all, there are two versions of the Pathfinder series. Pathfinder and Pathfinder ST. ST stands for “step through”. The main features of both e-bikes are the same, the only difference being the bike frame design. The frame is 26″ aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy frame ensures a lightweight yet strong construction capable of supporting riders up to 400 lbs. Step-over: Green, Gray. Step-thru: White, Red. It has wellgo alloy 9/16″large platform pedals and leather grips for ergonomic comfort. The 8-speed transmission system allows you to enjoy different speeds according to the road surface you ride on. The tires on this model are reflective striped tires, CST, custom 26″ x 4.0″, with puncture-resistant inner liners, very high quality.


Rattan Pathfinder ST

(6) Reliability and Security

It boasts a remote locking suspension fork with adjustment to minimize the impact of sudden bumps or obstacles for increased riding safety. They help prevent the front wheels from getting stuck

Rattan Pathfinder ST

or bouncing uncontrollably, thereby reducing the risk of accidents or loss of control and are suitable for highly complex road conditions. It also has 180mm front and 180mm rear hydraulic brakes, which provide superior stopping power compared to mechanical brakes. They provide consistent and responsive braking performance, allowing the rider to slow or stop quickly and efficiently when needed.

Final Thoughts

The electric bike Pathfinder ST is an excellent choice for customers looking to buy an electric bike, it is an e-bike with great value for money. It’s suited for long distances and difficult terrain, and its customizable ride modes and eco-friendly features make it an irresistible choice for riders looking for versatility, reliability, and an exciting ride. Don’t miss your chance to own this extraordinary e-bike and embark on unforgettable adventures.