Rattan eBike and Quercus Premium Long-Range Utility Bike

Rattan eBike and Quercus Premium Long-Range Utility Bike

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Rattan eBike and Quercus

Are you in search of a transport medium that is smaller than a minivan but can haul significant things together without any issues? Then it’s time you got yourself an affordable ebike that retails just at $1,899. We put our money on a Quercus premium long-range utility bike. The ebike that Quercus has come up with comes with additions that you may not find elsewhere. Moreover, the family, cargo and utility ebike has a specific design to fit the purpose of whoever is riding it. 

The utility e-bikes feature a big basket or a flat area where you can attach your required elements easily. Compared to other bikes, the e-bike cargo comes with a longer wheelbase to make room for more stuff. Thus giving stability, predictability and seamlessness. 

Quercus cargo electric bicycle has a frame made of aluminium alloy, with the step-through of green and grey. The anti-puncture tire ensures that you ride seamlessly, irrespective of the changes in terrain. Whether it is a delivery or for personal usage, the bike would ensure safety for both the rider and the stuff being hauled. 

Additionally, the features that are worth checking out Quercus cargo ebike are as follows, 

Motor 750 Brushless Gear Hub Motor
Throttle Thumb Press Throttle
Display LCD Color Screen & APP Sync Turning Light Controllable
Top Speed 30MPH
Battery 20AH
Pedal Assist 3 Modes 5 Levels
Charger 4.5A Charger
Time of Charging 4-5 Hours
Range 60-80 Miles
Frame Step-Thru
Foldable No
Weight 82 lbs
Controller 25A Sin Wave Controller
Fork Suspension Hydraulic fronk fork, with locking, adjusting, travel 80 mm
Maximum Loading 450lbs
Gear Shift System 8-Speed
Brakes Hydraulic Brakes
Tires 20*4
Seat Post 30.4mm x 350mm Regular Seat Post
Headlight Integrated Headlight (Bigger and Lighter)
Battery Positing Semi-integrated
Height Recommend 5’3-6’5


In addition to this, it comes with a massive automatic front light to shine the way. 

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