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Reibok Ebike Conversion Kit

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If you’re tired of pedaling your heart out to get to work, to the store, school, or riding around town, or you just want to go green without breaking the bank. It's time to get this Reibok ebike kit!

With this mid-motor ebike kit you can take your old mountain bike or beach cruiser and convert it into an electric bike in less than an hour. All you have to do is install the motor into the frame of your bike, mount the battery and controller, connect the wires, and in no time you’re riding your bike easier (and faster) than ever. No gas to mix, no hot motor to worry about: just charge the battery, plug it in, and you’re on your way!


packing list

Reibok 500W mid motor with integrates Controller *1
DP.LCD.02 LDC display *1
Brake lever *2
44T chain wheel and cover with cranks*1
Waterproof interconnecting cabling *1
Thumb throttle *1
Speed Sensor and Magnet *1


1. Easy to install, retro-fitted onto most common bicycle frames with bottom brackets 68mm-73mm wide.
2. Passed CE, ROHS Certification, IP 65 Protection Grade, complete protection from dust, oil, and other non-corrosive material.
3. 500W, 120N.m max torque, easily deal with most kinds of road condition.
4. Small size, low noise<55dB.
5. Provide 2 Years Warranty.                                       

Reibok 500W mid-drive motor

A: 200mm B: 101mm C: 68mm D: 169mm E: 49mm

Position : Mid Motor
Construction : Gear drive
Rated Voltage (DCV) : 48
Rpm : 108
Rated Power (W) : 500
Max Torque : 120 N.m
Efficiency (%) : ≥ 80 %
Pedal Sensor : Speed
Shaft Standard : JIS
Weight (kg) : 4.3
Noise Grade (dB) : < 55
Operating Temperature : -20-45℃

DP.LCD.02 display

Voltage: 36V/48V
Materials: PC1414
Waterproof Rate: IP 65
Operating Temperature: -25℃-80℃
Major function:
Battery level
Motor output
Power assist level
Current speed
Single ride time
Trip/ODO miles
Headlight Turn on/off
Error mode alert

Waterproof interconnecting cabling.

PinA: Male Green 5 Pins Display (G5.2)
PinB: Female Yellow 3 Pins Left Brake
PinC: Female Yellow 3 Pins Right Brake
PinD: Male Yellow 3 Pins Throttle

Warranty not covered when

1. Damage, failure and/or loss caused by refitting, neglect, improper maintenance, accident, misuse, abuse or use for competition or commercial purpose
2. Damage, failure and/or loss due to shipping ;
3. Damage, failure and/or Damage caused by improper installation, adjustment or repairing.
4. Damage, failure and/or loss irrelevant to material and workmanship, eg, failure to follow instructions by users.
5. Damage, failure and/or loss caused by product's appearance or surface change Which doesn't affect its function.
6. Damage, failure or loss caused by normal wear and tear.

Rattan reserves the right to for products out of warranty, Rattan can still provide spare parts or repair the products for customers, but the incurred material cost, labor cost, freight etc. shall be sourcing by customers