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Rattan LF 500W MINI Fat Tire Ebike

    - Energy Saving To Travel Further: Patent I-PAS Technology makes the bike 83% more efficient than the others

    - Able To Conquer All Terrain: Powerful 500W motor with all terrain fat tier gets you conquer the most rugged terrain.

    - Foldable Frame: 3 Steps easy foldable frame allows easy store and carry

    - Switch On Cruise Control: Enjoy Intelligent Cruise Control feature even on your Ebike. Stay the same speed for 5 sec, automatically lock into that speed.

    - Convenient Low Step Design: The lower tube and lack of crossbar allow you to "step-through" the bike and mount easily.




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    Step-through frame design

    Many asked the difference between the LF and the LM. LF is step through, easier for female to get on and off, and also adapt to the needs of more people in height.

    750w rear hub motor

    The 750w hub motor provides strong torque at a maximum speed of 26-28mph, allows you to ride the ebike at ease without a load even the power goes off. Enough acceleration get you a few extra minutes of sleep at home, even if you're running late, because LF 750 will fly you to destination.

    48v 13ah battery

    The 48v 13ah battery continuously delivers energy to high-speed motors to maintain high speed for back and forth throughout the day. Remove the battery with the key and charge it at your home or office. Safer and easier.

    Foldable frame

    LF750 is foldable, easy to store and easy to get around. You can put it into your car and with the LM750 in the trunk and take them out with your family. Or go everywhere you would like to go with neighbors and friends. Tomorrow is a fine day, why not go out for a walk?

    smooth and stable riding

    Puncture resisting 4.0 CST tires increase the contact area with the ground to make smooth and stable riding and provide you a better travel experience.

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