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Fat Bear | I-PAS

Rattan Fat Bear Ebike | I-PAS | All Terrain

As the very name implies, Fat Bear Ebike shows its strength in both driving force and battery life as strong as a live fat bear. The strength all comes down to the cooperation of a 500w electric motor exclusive for Intelligent power assist system (I-PAS) and one integrated 48volt,11.6ah battery with Samsung cells.

At the equivalent amount of current input, our 500w modified motor would generate power 50% more than conventional ones. Paired with original Samsung cell with a super long lifespan, Fat Bear Ebike is empowered to travel miles after miles. We are deeply convinced that the stellar performance of this higher-spec bike won’t let you down. You can, of course, compare fat bear with other brands in ebike market.

Besides the above, this all-terrain bike will travel through any rugged areas as incredibly smooth as on the flat ground. It should be attributed to the combination of the front suspension, rear shock and & 4.0 fat tires. Plus, the folding design enjoys widespread popularity among cycling trip fanciers.

Folding Frame design

Designed to fold into a compact form, facilitating transportation and storage. When folded, the bike can easily be carried into buildings or on public transportation. You can easily fold it by flipping the switch (one on the handlebar stem and one in the middle of the frame). Who wouldn't want to travel with their favorite bike?

500w reibok I-PAS dedicated motor

This 500W I-PAS system dedicated motor can provide you with 65Nm of torque to help you easily power through most rugged terrain. In particular, this motor is an important part of our latest bicycle technology: I-PAS. You can compare this ebike with others on the market, and you will find that our mileage is much higher than that of others.

chaoyang 20*4.0 all terrain tire

4.0” Fat tires provide improved grip and traction on the most troublesome terrain. Designed to decrease the cumulated pressure of the bike and biker by adding extra contact surface. Riding in the snow is now possible with these all terrain tires. 

48v 11.6ah hidden battery with samsung 2900 cells

The rugged aluminum alloy frame includes a hidden battery pack using Samsung 2900 cells capable of delivering over 60 miles per charge with pedal assist or around 40 miles in throttle mode.

front suspension fork

Our suspension fork has 60mm of travel, preload adjustment, and lockout. Combined with the fat tires, you're in for one smooth ride on different terrain.

1000pd alloy rear shock

This 1000 PD shock allows the rear wheel to soak up impacts, helping to keep the tire in contact with the ground, increasing rider control and decreasing rider fatigue.

4.3inch M5 LCD display

This 4.3inch LCD display provides you with all the infomation you need when you riding. Including pedal assist levelcurrent speed, battery life and travel distance. In addition, there is a backlight for your riding at night.

SHIMANO CS-HG31-8 casette 8Speed 11-32Teeth freewheel

The 8 speed, 11-32 free wheel means you can shift to a larger cog for uphill riding, downshift to a smaller cog at high speeds

180mm hydraulic disc brakes

Hydraulic brakes on bikes give such an excellent performance for comparatively little effort, you will feel so much responsiveness when using the lever. You can also modulate your braking with far more effectiveness. In practice, the lever feels so sensitive that you can basically brake using a single finger and you will have much more control over how much force you want to apply to the brakes.