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a set of basket for Paul
Paul Schoenrade
Good for now

Well made nice welds


I like my new ebike would like to purchase extra battery

Absolutely love !

We love them !!!

The motor wire for #2681
Christopher White
Very good

Very good

Rattan Bike Lock
Bike Lock

Love it.

Missing Back step footbars

My order was missing the back footbars


Received the spokes in record time,Thank you very much .

Happy customer in Michigan

I recommend this e bike to everyone.. I love this bike.. Thank you

I love my rattan bike

This bike is amazing very strong and lots of fun

Saddle Bag
Willie Mandowa

Could have had better clips to hold it on, but overall good product.


Love the bike it has many features that other bikes never come with all I need is the basket

This is amazing I love it. And just a little head's up you will need to buy a better seat I highly recommend doing that

Arrived on time. Easy assembly. Delivered and performed as promised.

Get's me to work in 15-20 minutes. Battery lasts 10 miles on one charge and charges to full overnight. Tires are great. Good bike for the price.

Could have been packaged better. Some scratches from rubbing inside box during transit. Pretty easy assembly. Daughter seems to enjoy riding it. Battery seems to have a decent ride time.

Phone Mount
Willie Mandowa
iPhone mount

Phone mount is well build made of metal. I wish the other pieces were also metal as well it would have made it more stable.

the bicycle works great, it is very comfortable for me.
It is on the heavy side, specially with the battery plugged (which is expected). Probably not practical to take up and down stairs every day.
The folding process is not difficult, i?buy it will not fit a small trunk (it required some maneuvers to fit my Camry).
I am yet to try it in traffic, but everything seems to be fine in that sense. It is simple to understand and it takes a reasonable speed.
Assembly video tutorials are easy to follow. Customer support answers quickly and politely, they were kind enough to give the shipping company's phone when I requested it.

Very happy with this bicycle, quality seems good and better than expected based on consumer reports stating "if you want to just peddle you have to spend $1,300 and above. Peddles easy without battery assist. Would have given 5 stars but knees come up really high, back brake are very loud, can't go up my driveway on battery alone. Most likely buying another one for myself because my wife really likes it

Loving my Rattan

So far so good, had it about 2 weeks now. This bike has been super fun so far and we are loving them. I do find I get just as much exercise on this as I do my regular bike because I ride further and I really push myself to pedal with a higher gear. Now you could just sit back and let the bike work and have fun that way just as well like my wife does :) so it is really the best of both worlds whether you are looking for a calorie burn or not this bike will work for you.

It is much faster than I thought. I love it

LOVE IT! Just needs adjustable height for handlebars

I need to ride it more but it is definitely fun. Just sit back and hold on. Battery lasts long too

The red rat

The 750lf rattan Ebike has been working fine with no problems just had to make a few adjustments. My wife rides this all over the yard and neighborhood she is loving it. This Ebike has a lot of power and you have to be careful when taking off from a start that you don’t give it to much throttle. Hopefully if we have problems that the customer service is good. Todd

Phone Mount
Phone Mount

With the build of the handle bar area & after purchasing mirrors, there was no room for the phone holder. It's very nice, though.

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