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Easy assembling

The best e-bikes for beginners will have a good reputation for easy assembly. For example, Rattan customers have reported an easy experience assembling their e-bikes. Rattan has unboxing and assembly videos on YouTube, simple-to-read instructions inside the box, and customer support in the event you need assistance.


A smooth and stable riding system

1.A simple push control system that is located close to your left-hand thumb.

This  way you can quickly adjust your power levels without having to take your eyes off the road or move your hands from the bars.

2.A system that has a walk assist mode to provide assistance on those occasions you need to push your bike.

The walk assist mode allows the bike to walk along at up to 6km/hr under its own power. This is a very handy feature if, for example, you can't quite make it up a hill or you have fully loaded up your shopping bags and prefer to walk it into your garage. Instead of pushing the full weight of the bike yourself the walk assist mode will do most of the work for you.

3.Wider tires with puncture resistance.

Equipped with 4.0’’ fat tire, the LM/LF750 will give you a more comfortable ride (more cushioning). It will also give you more grip and traction (more rubber on the road) and will usually have a puncture resistance layer that will reduce the risk of a flat tire.


A Step-Thru

One feature beginner riders may not be aware to look for in an e-bike is a step-thru option. If you have limited range or mobility, a step-thru e-bike will be great for you. Step-thrus are quick and easy to get on and off. So the LF750 ebike may be well worth the money for new riders or riders with less flexibility.


The Pedal-Assist

Once the e-bike is assembled, you can take it for a ride. New riders may prefer pedal-assist technology which is common in many e-bikes. Pedal-assist from Rattan operates with 5 different levels. It only works while the rider is pedaling so beginners may find this to be a natural extension of how they operate traditional bikes.

The lower the level, the less assistance the bike gives the rider while pedaling. The higher the level of pedal-assist, the more assistance the battery and motor will provide. These levels can be customized on Rattan bikes which may be nice for new riders.

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