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What Does the Ingress Protection (IP) Code Mean for Electric Bikes?

What Does the Ingress Protection (IP) Code Mean for Electric Bikes?
E-bikes are never 100% waterproof but they come with different degrees of water and dust resistance.
The Ingress Protection (IP) Rating sets the level of protection an e-bike, or e-moped has against dust, accidental contact, and water.
How is the IP Rating is Determined?
The IP classification is set by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) which is represented by 82 countries to establish worldwide quality standards when it comes to protecting electronic devices, including e-bikes and e-scooters, from objects and water.
The commission is a non-profit, non-governmental entity composed of electrical engineers, academics, and industry experts who determine the standards.
Depending on how the e-bike manufacturer seals the battery compartment, any compartment with circuit boards, and cables, will determine the IP rating for that particular vehicle.
The first thing to think about when buying an e-bike is to consider what it would be mostly used for. Using it to commute daily, ride in dirt, gravel, or sandy trails, or just having family fun on the weekends will have an impact on what IP-rating to choose.Choosing an e-bike to commute daily may need a higher IP rating in both the foreign body and water resistance categories than the e-bike bought for family fun on the weekends. The e-bike chosen for mostly riding trails may need a higher IP rating in the foreign body category.


The climate where the e-bike will be ridden is another fact to consider. If the e-bike will be ridden in a mostly wet climate, as opposed to a mostly dry climate, the IP water resistance rating will be a huge factor in the decision. And, if you want to enhance the protection, installing fenders on the e-bike doesn’t hurt either.

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