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The throttle model and the Pedal assistance model

The throttle model and the Pedal assistance model
An electric bike allows you to ride further and longer, and with the help of pedal assist and the throttle, you can even go faster than you would on a regular bike. What exactly do these settings do on your electric bike, and which one is best suited for your needs?
The half twist throttle is also slightly safer than the full twist when it comes to accidental engagement. It can still be bumped as it slides past obstacles, but because it doesn’t reach to the end of the bar, accidental engagement is less likely.
Also, because the half twist doesn’t reach to the end of the handlebar, you’re free to use accessories on the ends of your handlebars, including the magical Mirrcycle handlebar end mirror.
Rattan ebikes equipped with a half twist throttle. The half twist throttle also has a unique solution to avoid wrist exhaustion. When operating at full throttle the rider can grip the throttle with three fingers and leave two fingers on the rubber grip which is firmly attached to the handlebar. This gripping arrangement keeps the half twist throttle from springing back to zero-throttle position and allows your grip on the handlebar, instead of your wrist muscles, to hold the tension in the throttle spring. Over long rides this position proves more comfortable and reduces or removes the exhaustion associated with thumb or full twist throttles.
Pedal Assist is an operating mode on e-bikes designed to turn on the e-bike motor to help you pedal. Most e-bikes have a pedal-assist feature built in that lets you activate the motor by pedaling instead of using a twist or thumb throttle. The pedal assist mode was designed to make riding an e-bike mimic the natural motion you are used to feeling when riding a bicycle. As you pedal your bike and increase in speed, a sensor mounted on the bottom bracket or pedal crank arm is activated, which in turn generates power from the motor. The power is activated only when you pedal.
The advantage is simple. Instead of twisting or pressing a throttle to activate your e-bike motor, just start pedaling and the motor will power up automatically.

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