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Want to store your ebike until the weather perks up?
While it’s possible to safely ride your ebike rain or shine, we know that some riders would rather take a break during the colder months.
If you’re planning on putting your electric bike in storage until spring, here are a few tips to keep both your ebike and your battery safe.

Bring your ebike inside

We always advise storing your bike in a dry location above freezing temperatures.
Whenever possible, keep your ebike in an indoor area away from the elements, like inside a garage, shed, or your home. If it’s wet when you load it in, dry your ebike with a clean, dry cloth and make sure to keep it stored upright.
If you have to keep your ebike outside, bring the battery indoors and keep the electric bike under a waterproof cover.

Keep your ebike battery warm and dry

You’re not the only one needing comfortable surroundings to operate: Store ebike batteries in a warm, dry, and safe place when you’re not riding your bike. Doing so will protect the battery from inclement weather, help it stay charged, and maintain its longevity.
Store your battery indoors between 50 °F - 77 °F /10 °C - 25 °C. Failure to do so may void your warranty, render your battery non-functional, or cause a hazardous situation.
For riders looking for an easy way to transport their battery, Rad carries a custom battery case, designed to easily tote your battery on-the-go.
Reminder: Never drench your battery!
You should never immerse or submerge either your battery or your bike in water or other liquid.
This can damage your electrical system or cause a hazardous situation. The ebike's components are all water-resistant, but you should still avoid large puddles, streams, or very heavy rain. When storing it, you should take similar precautions to avoid moisture.
After riding your ebike in wet conditions, inspect your bike to make sure all components are clear of dirt, debris, and moisture.

Prep your battery for longterm storage

If you're putting your battery away for more than two weeks, keep it at around 75% charged and check on it every month to make sure it's staying at that level.
Keeping it fully charged while in storage can lead to range loss. A day or two is not a cause for concern, but after a while, it’ll start to add up.

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