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Unless you have a legit reason to bring a car with you to school, chances are good the only vehicle you need at college this year is a bicycle. Many campuses are all-inclusive or close to downtown, meaning everything you need access to is within walking—and riding—distance. After all, having a car means finding parking, paying for gas, and maybe even using it late night when it might not be the best idea. Plus, many colleges don’t allow first-year students to keep a car on campus, anyway. So there’s that. We provide affordable and reliable bikes to help you cut travel time between classes, run errands faster, and maybe even meet new friends—all while keeping the dreaded freshman 15 at bay.

So which model of the bike is suitable for school life?

This affordable mountain bike from rattan is just as at home on bumpy bike paths as it is on the trail. The fork with 80mm of travel smooths out rough terrain, while the upright positioning is comfortable for your back, neck, and wrists. Wide4.0’’ tires keep you planted and stable through corners and on wet trails. The Shimano transmission offered enough gears for finding a comfortable pace to ride uphill, and the Tektro disc brakes brought us smoothly to a stop without any jerking. Whether you want an affordable option that you can also take trail riding on the weekends or you’re just looking for a super stable, comfortable ride for the bike path, theLF/LM series offers a high-quality option for cruising around campus.

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