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The LM 750 is one of my favorite foldables for off road riding, the comfy seat, seat post suspension and front shocks allow you tackle some gnarly terrain, it's a well performing bike for the price.

Electric Revolution

The Rattan LM-750 seems to be one of the best electric bikes in its price range, with high quality, name-brand components. Its huge battery gives you the most range for the price.

The Rattan E-Bike has some of the most intuitive and unique features I've ever seen from an electric bike of this caliber. Easily one of the friendliest companies and most impressive products I've had the pleasure of working with!


The Rattan e-bike is very well-packaged and almost ready to ride out of the box. It surprises me with its powerful 750W motor and smooth riding.


What Our Customers Say

Hey guys, just over 80 miles now on my new LM 750. Not a single minute on it I’m not smiling. The bike was great out of the box, and I admit, it far exceeded any expectations I ever had of it.

Jason Maglinao

I'm very Happy with this ebike, my bike has 1470 Miles , she carries a lot weight , I'm only make sure have tires with the air , oil my chain , and I replace 3 times the back breaks because I ride on a lot hills and I'm very heavy , this bike it's very good product for the price

Kunfu Panda

Enjoying and loving our new e-bikes by Lake Austin!

Wyatts Shirley

Enjoy Riding With Us

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