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Electric bikes are a popular commuter tool and way for anyone to get outside into fresh air. While these bikes overcome many of the problems inherent with standard bikes, especially people tiring too soon, they do come with the problem of having to navigate the terms used for their electric components to make the best selection.
Electric bikes use a motor to assist the movement of the pedals, making riding the bicycle less taxing. Some designs allow the bike to move forward under its own power from the motor while others require your assistance to pedal. Rattan ebikes provide both two modes, you could choose whether just throttle or peal assistance.
The electric motor and battery don't last as long as a gasoline-powered engine. However, e-bikes are better for the planet because they do not generate polluting exhaust when you ride them. They also are a healthier option for you because you will have to use your power to move the bike, which will improve your cardiovascular fitness.

But what make it an ebike?

1)The battery
The battery powers the motor. This device's capability for generating power and how long it lasts are where the numbers for wattage, voltage and amp-hours come into play. To keep these weighty parts of the bike from upsetting your balance, they have a position low and centered on the bicycle.
While bike batteries have shrunk in size and increased in power since converting from lead-acid to lithium cores, they still contribute a significant amount of weight to your bike.
2)The motor
The motor changes electric power into mechanical work that it uses to help turn the bicycle's wheels.Rear-hub motors drive the bike from the rear wheel and integrate with the bicycle gears. The motor in this position improves traction and handling thanks to its connection to the gearing. With better control, rear hub motors often appear on mid-class e-bikes.
E-bikes are typically made with electronic components that have secure coverings with tight seals to prevent damage from light rain. They can withstand a variety of climates, but it's important to use common sense and avoid overexposing an e-bike to significant water and/or rain.
3)The sensor
A speed sensor provides thrust to your electric bike as soon as you start pedaling. Once you begin, it continues to assist you based on your selected setting. This flexibility means you can use your ebike to exercise, or simply cruise around with little physical effort.
Watts, volts and amp-hours all play roles in the quality and longevity of your e-bike. However, you also have to know the construction of your bike will live up to high values for these statistics. Look for trusted names in electric bikes, like Rattan ebikes. We build high-quality, high-performance rides for the daily commuter, fitness enthusiast, casual rider and weekend off-road warrior.
Have you decided you need an e-bike to ease your commute or make riding more fun? Explore our high-performance electric bicycle options at Rattan ebikes. We specialize in giving you the ultimate thrill when riding, which is why we don't hold back when it comes to adding features. Our philosophy for bikes is "Electric makes fun." We think you'll agree when you choose one of our ready-to-ride e-bikes. Biking will never be the same for you.

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