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When many of us were first learning to ride, we might have been given a gentle push to jump-start our momentum. In many ways, that’s what the motor on an electric bike can do for you today, except that the boost it provides sustains for as long as you continue to pedal.
While it does differ from riding a regular bike, most e-bike newbies get the hang of it quickly. Typically, it only takes one test ride for the body’s muscle memory to adapt to the feel of a pedal-assist machine.

Keep the following tips in mind when you first start riding an e-bike:

1)Brake earlier because e-bikes are heavier (and faster). Pedal-assist power overcomes the sluggishness that a heavier bike might have, but a fast-moving weighty mass also requires an attentive brake hand. E-bikes come with robust brake systems to help, but you still have to be on top of your riding game.
2)Ride with a faster cadence. An e-bike is most efficient when pedaled at a faster cadence than is typically used on a regular bike, especially when climbing hills. It’s not that you can’t have a lower cadence, it’s just that your e-bike rides more smoothly and gets better battery life if you spin the pedals faster. So get used to using lower gears.

Safety Check List before riding

1.Check if all the fasteners and accessories are well tightened.
2.Check if the front and rear axle are secure to ride.
3.Check if the handle bar and stem are loose
4.Check if the tire pressure exceed the recommended one marking on the side of tire walls.
5.Check if the brake is tightened enough
6.Check if the seat post is higher than the safety tick marks on it.
7.Check if the total weight the bike carry is higher than 300lbs,that’s the maximum weight capacity of the bike.

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