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All around the world, people are swinging legs over top tubes and hitting the road; whether it be to limit lockdown-induced cabin fever or simply to get around town. With social distancing measures in place, and restrictions on the use of public transport, people are turning to bikes to get around.
We've also seen a growing number of countries committing to spending more on bike infrastructure, instituting pop-up bike lanes and even closing streets to cars to make room for cyclists in light of the current global pandemic.
While any bike will work just fine for getting around town, having the right tool for the job at hand can make the experience considerably more enjoyable; leaving you far less sweaty and sticky when you do arrive at your destination.

The best back-to-work offers for avoiding public transport,ebike

Not everyone has access to bike parking facilities or room to keep a full-sized bike in their apartment or office; if you are short of space, the best folding bikes Rattan LM/LF series might be the go-to option for you.
While the design of folding bikes varies, they are usually based around small 20-in wheels and tyres, and have a series of lockable hinges that allow you to origami the bike down to a fraction of its original size, to slide it under your desk or into a closet.
Ebikes are the latest addition to the range of commuter bikes. Whether you are covering a considerable distance or just have a super hilly commute, e-bikes make getting around on two wheels more accessible because they aren't as dependent on personal fitness. Just about every category of bike comes in an e-assisted version, but commuters are to our mind one of the best applications of the technology — and no, e-bikes are not cheating.
Mayer says the people looking to start commuting bikes should seriously consider pedal assist.

“Ebikes are an incredible solution to commuting and the world's problems. It shortens your commute time, easy to carry heavy loads and you sweat less. It can be a life-changer. Sell your car and #gobybike.”

Rattan LM/LF foldable ebike, the best commuting ebike for you.


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