What has been upgraded in LM/LF PRO?

What has been upgraded in LM/LF PRO?

1. Backrest and Footrest Added

Someone who sits in the backseat no longer worry about where to lean the back and where to put the feet. We added backrest and footrest for the backseat, it is not just adding two parts but adding double fun on riding. We not only ensure safety for the rider but also ensure safety for passenger.

2. Wheels Reinforcement

We upgraded the wheels from Spoke Wheels to Alloy Wheels, they perform better in terms of cushioning pressure and shock resistance. The rigidity in alloy wheels helps them endure high amounts of horsepower and torque With relative ease. Its inflexible nature not only ensures that the rear Wheels are not easy to wobble. but also offers more feedback which makes them better and more consistent at high cornering speed, thus simplifying tire changes and puncture repairs.

3. Cruise Control Can Be Turned Off Now

For the previous version, the cruise control function can not be turned off for the LM/LF 750W. At first, we just want to develop this function for operation symplification and range extension. But we miss to consider that someone may do not want to need this function to be activated. So we did not set a switch on/off option for cruise control, resulting in even some of our customers want to deactivate the cruise control, but they can not turn it off. After some of customers mentioned this, we take the advice and added an option to switch on/off the cruise control function. With is, people will no longer worry about the safety problem of the cruise control (because some may think this function is not safe enough for maintaining a constant speed by releasing the throttle). If you want to deactivate the cruise control, just turn it iff now.

4. Battery Management System 2.0

We upgraded the battery management system from version 1.0 to version 2.0. The 1.0 version is actually just a test version. Although almost no customers reported that the battery catches fire or short circuit, we still put the safety of users first, and upgraded and improved our battery management system. It offers protections of Under and Over Voltage, Temperature Extremes, and Protection from Shorts. BMS tech keeps safe on operation, overall performance and longevity. It protects the battery cells from damage caused by being overcharged or over-discharged. If it detects any unsafe conditions, the BMS shuts the battery down to protect the lithium-ion cells and the user, which ensures your batteries operating safely and optimally.

5. Double Brake Calipers 

We upgraded the Unilateral to Bilateral Piston Brake Calipers. Bilateral brake disc brakes include discs and calipers, and calipers include shells, brackets and connection parts. When braking, it moves the two brake pads to the discs at the same time, so the discs will not deform, which can avoid the deformation of the disc and and the normal riding of e-bike, resulting in improving braking efficiency and safety greatly.