Make Good Use of Fat Tire

Fat tire electric bikes open the door to all sorts of adventurous off-road riding. fat tires are the best option when it comes to riding in loose snow.It’s a good idea to swap your tires for wider and puncture resistance models. Roads are slippery in winter due to melting snow or dew so choose wider and grippy tires. The increased air volume allows lower pressures, which work better for loose terrain like snow.Those thin road tires which give you low rolling resistance in the summer simply aren’t going to be good enough.

Take Good Care of Battery

It is important to make sure your battery is above freezing before charging, otherwise you could harm the cells. It is no problem to ride the bike in below-freezing conditions (it doesn’t harm the battery), just make sure you let the battery warm up slowly before charging (don’t put it next to a heater!). When you are riding in very cold weather, you will notice a drop in power and range; this is normal and expected. You can help avoid this by bringing the battery inside whenever you aren’t riding to keep the temperature of the battery up. That way you will get that extra bit of power!

Prepare Your Bike for Winter Riding

Check each and every cable on your bicycle periodically. It will be great if you upgrade your braking and gear system with thick and waterproof cables. During winter your drivetrain becomes dry, affecting your ride. So don’t forget to lubricate the chain, chainset, cassette, front and rear derailleurs, gears, and braking system time and again.While you can’t be expected to do a full maintenance check of your bike every day, it’s good to give it a quick glance before every ride to check the gears are engaging properly, the lights still work, there is no issue with the tires and the brakes are still sharp.

Try Not to Ride Through Slush

Riding your electric bike through snow is not only possible, it’s super fun! What’s not fun is riding through slush. The watery, salty snow gets splashed up into your gears and can seep into hard-to-reach areas, causing rust to form. If you do have to ride through slush, be sure to wipe the entire bike down and lube the chain etc. afterwards and, if possible, store in a warm, dry location.

Keep Your Electric Bike Clean

After every ride, particularly during winter, it is vital to clean and lube your bicycle. This is especially important in winter as there is a high chance of causing damage in your drivetrain by salty road spray. That’s because our roads are kept safe for driving with the use of sand and gravel on the roads and there is often a magnesium salt in the grit that can be even more aggressive than regular salt. Therefore, it’s important you keep your electric bike clean by wiping it down with a damp cloth regularly, using a bicycle-specific lubricant for the chain