When shopping for the right ebike, you may notice provided information dangling from a tag. This, at a glance, should give you insight about the bike and what its main specs and functions are so that you can make the right choice for you. Let’s take a look at how these 4’’ fat tire bikes stack up.

Being Rattan,we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and the constant pursuit of innovation to provide our riders with the latest technology. These comparisons with our"Competitors" are by no means an excuse for bad competition. In fact, they are to ensure that we continue to seek improvement in our own best interests. That's right. We have been challenging ourselves to outdo our peers, to give you a clear understanding of the competitive environment and our position.





Thumb Press Throttle

Half- Twist Throttle




Front fork

Wire-Cotroller Suspension Fork

Suspension Fork


Shimano 8-Speed

Shimano 7-Speed


Hydraulic Disc Brake

Mechanical Brake

Max load

400 lbs

350 lbs


LCD Display With Bluetooth Connect APP

LCD display with USB charging


3A quick charger


Standover height






Rear Rack


Sold Seperatly





The price tag is where most people look first. It’s logical to want to know where your money is going. Especially when it comes to a high-priced investment such as an ebike. Although this isn’t the deciding factor, it is part of the reason to make a purchase. And the Pathfinder is just $100 more! Let’s take a look at what sets them apart.
At Pathfiner, we broke out of the gate with a more powerful battery, battery charger, and Shift lever system. The hidden larger capacity battery provides optimal output and longer riding range,  greatly improves the battery safety and the appearance of the bicycle. 3A fast charger never gets caught with a drained battery.
One size certainly does not fit all. Trying to fit a bike to the inseam of a myriad of body types doesn’t seem beneficial to all riders. That’s why Rattan offers two different sizes for the standard model:the high step and the step-through, giving more opportunity for riders to find what makes them happy on and off the road. Rear rack is also included,you could take anything they like for your trip, the larger load capacity provides the ability to take the neccessry equipment you need.
For new technology, the multifunctional color LCD display could support wireless connection with your mobile phone. By the APP, you could track your riding, test the condition of the whole system for any riding,and the APP also provides fast operation on adjusting setting. Being equipped with the hydraulic disc brakes,Pathfinder performs better on braking. Hydraulic disc brakes have better modulation and stopping power than mechanical disc brakes, although both disc brake styles vastly outperform rim brakes. Overall, hydraulic disc brakes are superior in terms of performance and efficiency because of the reduced friction by not having a mechanical cable.
Pathfinder are dynamic because of their robust physique and the latest technology integration capabilities. It is a real trailblazer. We believe it can compete with all the other 4’’ tires electric bikes. That's why we would like to compare it to the Himiway Cruiser to prove that our forward thinking is always about you and the future.