Mothers' Day is coming

Mothers' Day is coming

Mothers' Day is coming,  Are you still looking for a Mothers' Day gift?
Come and buy an ebike for your mother! Cause it can

Improves social lives

Most women lose their social life after becoming a mother.
Cycling can also be a social activity, which again is beneficial to mental health. Hannah, an attendee at a Cycling UK-supported women's cycling group in Manchester called Lady Pedal says: "As a result of participating, I have a supportive group of proactive female friends, something which I often lack in social circles."


Saves time

In addition to all the above benefits, cycling fits very well into busy family lives. Women are often the care givers and tend to make more short trips than men. In urban areas especially, these short trips can be made more quickly and easily by bike. It's often easier to move around congested town centres on two- wheels than four, and there are fewer issues around parking and door-to-door access to destinations.


Reduces osteoarthritis and obesity

According to an article in Everyday Health: "By nature, women face a triple threat of risk factors when it comes to arthritis: biology, genetic predisposition and hormones. Unfortunately, a lot of women have added a fourth risk factor to the mix – obesity." What’s more, women have osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis, at much higher rates than men." 

Cycling could reduce the risk of osteoarthritis by helping to reduce weight – steady cycling can burn approximately 300 calories per hour. It is also a non-load-bearing activity, so many people can do it, regardless of age, infirmity or other conditions.


Alleviates symptoms of other common female conditions

Women obviously differ from men in having to cope with the physical and psychological symptoms caused by having menstrual periods and going through pregnancy, childbirth and the menopause. Many of the unpleasant side effects of these can be helped by regular non-load-bearing exercise such as cycling, which can often be easily fitted into a daily routine.