Get ready to ride with Rattan in this spring

Get ready to ride with Rattan in this spring

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We all want to get out on the road as soon as the temperature rise. Don’t hesitate, when you get in the car and leave your house, take your bike with you. Bring your bike along for the ride and go somewhere isolated, new, and adventurous. This is why. Taking your bike to a new area is a great way to remind yourself why you enjoy spending hours on your two-wheeled mode of transportation. It's about reminiscing about being a youngster again when fresh air rushes through your helmet's vents. It's about finding the willpower to bike uphill against a headwind while taking the scenic route to see something new, even if it's out of the way. It's the meditative state you get while counting the repetitions of your pedal strokes in order to maintain your ideal cadence mile after mile. It's recognizing that you and your cycling companions are the definition of "poetry in motion" when you take the front of the pace line and the leader falls back to take a break.


Going somewhere new, on the other hand, is more than just reminiscing. It's all about planning ahead and establishing new objectives. It's all about being able to view your objectives more clearly. It can be your ambition to cycle a century or a double century in a single day. Perhaps you're planning a bike cross-country trip. Or perhaps you're attempting to ride 7,500 miles this year. As a result, this meditation getaway to the countryside is also an opportunity to begin defining new goals and devising a strategy. Set tiny, attainable goals that will bring you to your final aim. As you ride through the checkpoints of each tiny objective you've set for yourself, the light at the end of the tunnel becomes increasingly obvious.


Get your bike ready

Winter riding is tough on bike. To get your bike ready for spring, you can use a mild detergent and warm water, give your bike a bath. This will brighten its appearance and extend the overall lifespan of the frame and components by removing sweat and corrosive road spray. Once washing is done, lather some degreaser on the drivetrain to remove any remaining grit and grime. Then re-lubricate critical moving parts, especially the chain.

if you use a bike trainer in Winter, Roller wheels can wear away the center of a tire quicker than normal use. If your tire looks worn or flattened on the center tread, mount up a new pair.


What to wear for riding?

Temps Between 70° and 80°

Start with: Superlight mesh base layer, lightweight socks, short-sleeve kit, maybe lightweight gloves


Temps Between 60° and 70°

Add: Vest, arm warmers, knee warmers, and a heavier—but still short-sleeve—base layer