Electric bikes continue to rise in popularity across the world, much like the rise of e-scooters and electric motorbikes. As such, children are beginning to ask for ebikes instead of traditional bicycles, but are they safe enough for your kids to use?
Of course, as with all situations, you know your child best. In some situations, an electric bike might be the best bet for your child. In others, it might not be. Essentially, take this advice with a pinch of salt because you know how your child will react and know them better than anyone else. Age of course plays a big factor, as does responsibility.

Can My Kid Ride a Class 3 Electric Bike?

The answer to this depends on your child’s age and experience, as well as the state’s law. In general, Class 3 electric bikes are designed for riders over the age of 16 and can reach speeds up to 28 mph.
A lot of parents worry about speed, but you can only go as fast as you can peddle in most class 1 and 2 ebikes. It’s just easier to do than a normal bike. If they’re on a class 3 then the throttle speed can present a safety issue for your child but in the main, children’s ebikes are pretty safe because they’re class 1 and 2.
What’s more, it's essential to check with your local department of motor vehicles to see if there are any age restrictions for Class 3 electric bikes in your area. Some states may have stricter regulations for these ebikes than other electric bike classes.
It's also important to consider your child's maturity and experience level. Class 3 electric bikes can be faster and more potent than other E-bikes, so it’s crucial to ensure your child is ready for the extra speed and handling before allowing them to ride.
Class 3 electric bikes can be an exciting option for older, experienced riders. It’s important to follow the laws and consider the safety and experience of your child before allowing them to ride one. Always prioritize safety and make informed decisions when choosing the right E-bike for your child.

How you Can Make Your eBike Ride with Your Child Even Safer?

Double Check Your Brakes and Tires before Riding
While performing regular maintenance on your bike, double-checking your brakes and tires before riding can be a lifesaver. Verifying that both are in good working condition is easy and shouldn’t take more than a couple of seconds before you head out. Pull each brake lever to ensure they provide the same feedback level as expected, and make adjustments or check if everything is connected if they don’t.
For the tires, rotate them a few times and look them over to make sure nothing looks off. Give them a good squeeze to confirm they are correctly inflated. It takes less than a minute and can be the difference between having a great ride or finding out that critical components aren’t working after you’ve already left home.
Ride at Lower Pedal Assist Levels
Electric bikes typically have three or more pedal assist modes, with the higher pedal assist settings providing greater power and acceleration. However, rapid acceleration can be scary for young children, feeling a bit more jerky, possibly making your kid sick.
Picking a lower pedal assist mode will slow you down and provide a smoother and more consistent riding experience your child will be more likely to enjoy. Choosing a lower pedal assist mode will also extend your total riding range, which is essential since the added weight will drain your eBike battery quicker than solo riding. 
Stay visible while riding.
Parents should make sure that their family is visible to cars while riding e-bikes. Some drivers may take a turn in front of you or come dangerously close to sideswiping you as you ride in the bike lane.
Choose a bike with lights to remain visible after dark.
Additionally, The Rattan Pathfinder equipped with the reflective stripe tires and some relectors. These reflectors can alert  riders of vehicles when approaching from behind.
Put a Child Seat on an Electric Bike
If your child is too young to ride an E-bike, consider installing a child seat on the bike. An electric bike with a kid seat, like the Rattan LM/LF PRO Bike, allows them to enjoy the ride while being secured and protected.
Make Sure Everyone is Wearing Proper Protection Gear
This is one of the most important things you should do on every bike ride. Even if your child is strapped into a heavy, reinforced trailer or child seat, they should never be riding without a helmet.
It’s a good idea for very young children to wear reinforcement pads for their elbows, wrists, and knees. While kids often complain about how uncomfortable helmets and other safety gear are, you’ll appreciate the safety equipment there is a significant crash.